How can we serve you?

"Jesus himself pointed out that a prophet has no honor in his own country."
(John 4:44 | The Bible)

Have you ever seen a significant increase in either your own personal production or the production of someone on your team and asked: 


 Often, a response similar to this follows:
   "Remember that speaker at our last agency meeting? They really lit a fire under me, and when they said... something finally just clicked."

   "The coach I just hired has really been opening my eyes to..."

As a leader inside Fortune 100 financial planning firms since 2007, Dave would occasionally think (and sometimes say...) 

Are you kidding me? I have been telling you that EXACT SAME THING every day for the last...

Ever been there?

Admittedly, at times, this was challenging to hear, but we humbly had to remember:

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”  (Zig Ziglar)

Whether it clicked when we told them, or it clicked when someone who we invited into our agency told them - it didn't really matter to us who the messenger was. We just wanted it to click!

No matter what stage your firm or practice may be, The Resseguie Group is here to help you get more of what you want.



When was the last time someone gave you the gift of time? Time spent asking you meaningful questions? Time spent listening to you? Taking copious notes of all the intricate details you shared with them - just like the notes you take during conversations you have with your prospects & clients? And better, without bias of your direction? Without any attempt to lead you into what they may want you to do.

We seek to understand deeply:

   WHO you are at your core | Your IDENTITY

   WHY you believe you exist | Your INTENTION

   WHAT you desire to create | Your IMPACT

We help our clients clearly define & articulate the desires of their hearts (i.e. their vision).

We put it in writing. We review it on a very regular basis. We guide them toward living The Blended Life.


When tragedy strikes, the first questions our clients typically ask us is… ”Are we going to be okay?” Dave's keynotes inspire and encourage advisors to Control 100% of the things that are in your control | INFLUENCE everything else. It is our belief that the clients who we have the privilege of serving do not want to merely exist within a process.... Clients want to collaborate within an experience! 

The Resseguie Group shares ideas and strategies, systems and processes that provide both new and veteran advisors an opportunity to greater influence others. We do this by delivering language & resources that help our advisors influence their ratios. What if we could take 10-5-3-1 and turn it into 10-8-6-4? In an ideal world, this is more than doable. We create our ideal world! When we make it simple for highly respected nominators to favorably introduce us to prospective clients - in our target market - this becomes our new normal.

Resseguie Keynote Dark.png

Resseguie Keynote Dark.png


Have you ever felt like you have been saying the same thing over and over, but just because some outside speaker says it slightly differently, your advisors ears perk up? Let us be that expert. We work with leaders like you to co-develop the training you know that your office needs. We then serve as an outsourced development department who comes alongside you to support and deliver exceptional content. We are all about teaching the habits and disciplines that drive early productivity and high retention. Whether on-site or virtually, Dave’s expertise in the art and science of the One Card System is unparalleled (he did begin his career in Al Granum’s agency!).


Our ideal clients are those organizations who look to deliver interesting & relevant ideas to their teams from both inside and outside their organization on a regular basis. Top leaders believe it is important to take time out of the business to work ON THE BUSINESS.

The Resseguie Group delivers engaging & practical workshops in an effort to share systems & processes, language & resources that drive productivity, increase retention, provide an attractive development offering for potential candidates, and increase veteran advisor productivity.

Our workshops focus on 3 areas: Leading Yourself, Leading Others, & Leading the Business (both the business of one's Personal Production and their Attraction & Selection).

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