About our founder


Dave Resseguie

Chief Shepherding Officer

I’ll admit it… I am an emotional guy! I am that guy who cries at every episode of This is Us. [don’t deny it… you do too!]

I strive to deeply listen to & understand others. I value when others listen to & understand me.

That’s perhaps why my heart compels me to share all of my backstory here. And why I want to know yours also! I’d love for us to experience WHO we both are at our core, WHY we believe we exist, and WHAT we desire to create. [but my web designer told me my bio is too long… so let's agree to save that for a focused 9 minute introductory call.]

Briefly, The Resseguie Group has the privilege of serving clients who know deeply that they, themselves, are their best client. We are passionate about providing our clients a coaching experience, a listening ear & a clear understanding of WHO they are, WHY they exist, and WHAT they desire to create.

The same experience, ear, & understanding that they offer to their clients.

We put their vision in writing. We review it on a very regular basis. It become our guide for working together.


We live out who we are | We live our why | We create our what


Gennifer Resseguie

Chief Encouragement Officer

In his book, The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman clearly articulates 5 ways in which people receive love. The love language that speaks to my soul the most is “words of affirmation.” Whether written or spoken, when these words are articulated sincerely, they touch my heart in a way that reminds me of WHO I am, WHY I exist, and WHAT I desire to create. We all have those people in our lives who believe in us more than we believe in ourselves. People who see our true identity. People who serve as a source of love, support, strength, refuge, encouragement, prayer, guidance & wisdom. This is my Gennifer! She, daily, is a reminder of how blessed my past has been... how blessed my present is, & how blessed the future we are creating together will be.


Charlotte “Charli” Resseguie

Chief Imagination Officer

Charli joined The Resseguie Group in March of 2014. She has a passionate enthusiasm for leading and inspiring others through her commitment to imagination. As CIO, Charli is a lead visionary. Reporting directly to Dave & Gen, her top focus & priority is to remind us to keep things fun around here. This often means company outings at Walt Disney World. She is a culture-influencer-extraordinaire who ensures we keep the ultimate vision of what our organization is creating in front of us.


Charles “Chaz” Resseguie

Chief Demolition Officer

For the better part of the last 2 years, Chaz has specialized his learning in the area of demolition. Literally, this guy can tear just about anything apart. Exactly what The Resseguie Group was looking for in a CDO! A core belief and conviction Chaz holds is that in order to truly understand what something is - and build into it to make it better - we must often, first tear it down. He's an expert in this area! Chaz holds Level 5, demolition certification. While Chaz is rarely client-facing, his findings often make their way into our presentations.

Cameron “Cam” Resseguie


Cameron’s Headshot and Bio will be available shortly.

Resseguie How to Pronounce.png

It's one of the first questions we anticipate our clients will ask of us. 

In case this is you...

It’s like recipe... with a G

…a deep, “guh” sounding G…

not a “G” sound as in gee whiz…
rather a “G” sound like Godfather

Recipe… Res - uh - gee